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stuffed dates recipe - sweet hotness in the bacon

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We have a restaurant in our town that serves an appetizer called "Cheap Dates." They are stuffed with gorgonzola and wrapped in bacon. I have found MANY on-line recipes for these. However,this particular restaurant is putting something sweet-hot on the bacon I think as there is a definite bit of heat in the bacon. Do you think rolling them in a brown sugar/cayenne pepper combo would do the trick?


They are so good. But, I can't find any recipes on-line where anything is "done" to the bacon. There's definitely some sugar in the ones from the restaurant. The bacon is kind of glazy.


Any ideas?

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Could it be a sweet chili sauce? '



I would try your idea of brown sugar/cayenne though. I googled around and while I found a few restaurants with "cheap dates" that sound similar, none seemed to show up with recipe searches that are spicy.

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Can you ask the restaurant for the recipe? Many restaurants, not chains (b/c the only recipe chains follow is "1. Put in Microwave and 2. Press start) will give out recipes.... I have asked and received a few times :)


I have a friend who always says, "It's an asking world."


What is a sweet chili sauce???

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Heinz makes a chili sauce. If you've ever had that appetizer of bacon wrapped water chestnuts, the sauce on those is chili sauce.


I was familiar with chili sauce...just had never heard it called "sweet chili sauce." Though that makes sense since it isn't hot!


Thank you!

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