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Accountant/Tax Preparer Q..what do you think of prog like TurboTax?

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We've used it for 15ish years and never had a problem.


Same here. I am considering a tax preparer this year due to some complications from my mother's estate. Otherwise, I'd be doing them myself again. Funny, my FIL was a CPA. When he was working for a tax accountant preparing individual returns, he used TurboTax :). They came out better and more accurate than when people did them by hand.

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I have always used Turbotax online and even the free edition. Each time the upgrade option pops up I wonder if I should, but the free one works perfectly for us. I think it is simple to use and extremely self explanatory and helpful. I do itemized deductions and it walks you through everything.

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We've used TT for almost 14 years. Early on, we'd use TT to do them at home, gather materials (receipts), etc, and then would take them to a well known tax preparer. After doing that a couple of years, and EACH and EVERY year, we'd have to tell the preparer about things they forgot to ask about (charity, interest deductions, etc). It got to the point where WE were telling THEM what to enter. We got fed up and have done it ourselves ever since (12+ yrs now).


We've never had a problem. TT has always stepped us through the process and flagged any potential "triggers" for the IRS. So far so good.

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