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I want to buy a DSLR camera and learn how to use it. . .

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Forget the jargon and technical terms-they aren't going to teach you anything at this point. I highly suggest you join Clickn Moms. You will not find better information anywhere-from learning manual (the point to having a DSLR), what camera would be best for you to start with (The photos the camera produces are only as good as your skills. So going super expensive isn't going to mean you get better photos), to what lenses to buy (don't buy a "kit") ), how to edit and much, much more. I suggest joining for at least 6 months-it's $30. Or if you want to try it out for 1 month it's only $8. Yes, there is plenty of free info on the web-but it's not like what you will find at CM. Trust me-you won't be sorry.

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When you choose a brand or camera line, you should plan to stick with it. Lenses are not typically compatible from one brand to another.


Try the cameras "on" first. One may not feel as comfortable in your hand as another.


Once you find a line you like, start with an entry level model. You'll upgrade the camera body frequently, but your big investment will be in your lenses.


Buy a good lens. They make a huge difference in the camera experience.


There are many, many different websites with good information. Frequent them and ask questions as you need. I like the forums at dpreview.com for information on cameras and lenses, and read the book Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson. It's a great place to start!


Good luck with your endeavor!!

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