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Moses baskets

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they are  great but don't spend a 100 bucks on one! We actually picked a very cheap one at the craft store and padded it up nicely with a towel and some blankets.

it was perfect for keeping a napping baby nearby when they have a bunch of rambunctious siblings :)

We co slept too- my first two would sleep down the hall in our room during the day but the younger kids seemed to sleep better in thick of things during the day so the basket was good.

as far as being out and about they always just slept in the sling.

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We used a Moses basket for naps. We also did co-sleeping. The basket was great and I would definitely do it again. Dd slept in it for naps til she was probably 4 yrs old. She'd curl herself up to fit in it. It also made visiting very easy. If we were at a friends house in the evening, we'd take the basket and put her to sleep in it. We didn't have to worry about her rolling off a bed or couch.

I also liked that I could bring the basket close to where I was so that I could keep an eye on her while she was napping. It was just very convenient.

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Anyone ever use one for their baby? Just wondering what your opinions are on these?


We co-sleep up until the baby is about 1 1/2, but I was thinking it would be nice for napping? Especially on outings and trips.


Yes, for baby #3 we had one. It was perfect because we were more on the go and we had him take his naps in that rather than his car seat. Easier during the holidays & traveling for sure.

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