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What grade is a nine year old?

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My oldest is 9, will be 10 in June, she has age mates in 3rd and 4th.

The state considers her 3rd for testing but It seems with the progression of classical she would be 4th this year.


She is of course all over the place skill wise but Im curious about transition from grammar to logic stage.


Since classical is new do we just start with a year of grammer and then transition to logic at ten or just go at her pace. Im a little confused.

Is it a matter of skills or behaviors i should be watching for to she if she is ready? Or just switch at 10?


We just got our tax return so are going to do some shopping and start the year As if it were fall, but Im just not sure where to place her since this is all new.


We will start dd and my 7 yrold ds with ancients and life science and basic 1st grade for ds but dd reads shakespeare but can't grasp basic place value so she is a puzzle.



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In our state, she'd be 4th this year and 5th next year.


But you should just put her where you think she'll do best. For most kids, it doesn't hurt to take your time in jumping up to the logic stage. You could wait 6 months to a year, if that would fit better with her current level. By the time she gets to high school, you probably won't even remember that she started "late". It tends to even out. If you start kids later and they were ready earlier, they just move through things faster.


You might want to keep her in the state testing progression, if you have to do mandatory tests. Then she won't get bumped up to a harder level all of a sudden.

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I think her ability is more important. I don't think switching from grammar to logic is as easy as announcing a new grade beginning. Instead, I would read TWTM's logic chapters and see if she is ready to handle the expectations for that level. Following a classical educational model is not the same as following a traditional model like they use in brick-and-mortar schools. Just MHO. For example, my dd12 will be in full 9th grade by the fall in a traditional program but I don't think she would be able to handle all of the expectations for the rhetoric level from the WTM.

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It really depends on where you live because the cut off dates vary. :)


Example: dd14 has a birthday in the first week of January -- in many places, she would have turned 9 in the middle of grade three because she wouldn't have been allowed to start grade 1 at 5 years old, she'd have had to wait until the next year when she was 6goingon7, making her turn 9 halfway through grade three..... but where we live right now, the cut off isn't until AFTER her birthday, putting her (by PS standards) halfway through grade four when she turned 9.

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Here she would automatically be in 4th grade right now and 5th grade next year, but a lot of people hold their summer babies back by one year, so it wouldn't be unheard of for her to be in 3rd grade this year and 4th next year.


In Texas you start K in the year that you are 5yo on September 1st. Lots of folks red-shirt though.


My kids were

5yo at the end of March - started K that year

5yo at the end of September - started K that year (she was after the cutoff)

5yo in the middle of May - started K that year

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It depends on what age you start school in, and also your state.


While my oldest son was eligible for Kindergarten at age 5 (May birthday). We chose not to start him on Kindergarten, for various reasons. He turned 6 in May and began Kindergarten level work at home in the following fall.


In Ohio, compulsory attendance begins at age 6. There is no requirement that a 5 year old be enrolled in Kindergarten.


A child the age of your daughter would be in either 3rd or 4th grade.

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Ellie our district hs b-day cut off is June 1st though the ps cut off is sept

I don't know why.


To make it weirder, the passing grade for hs testers is 10 points higher than ps testers go figure. Though the passing score is seems abominably low to me.:glare:


Technically age 7 is the year school becomes required though most enroll their 6 yr old in first instead of waiting.


There is no comprehending school bureaucracy and I worked in schools a long time;)


Thanks, I think we will start out with 3rd grade math and 4th other and see how we can accelerate through the material, perhaps being ready for 5th by next fall. She is certainly capable of the logic stage requirements in the book at least verbally:) We just haven't done work in this way before. Im sure we can move up quickly in everything but math- im still not sure what is happening there at all:confused:


Thanks again it helps to see where everyone generally is at since we coming from a delayed academics background.

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