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Disneyland at spring break?

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I don't know what it will be like over Spring Break, but we went over Christmas Vacation and it was a nightmare of epic proportions. We got in the park by 9:00, at 10:00am they closed the gates because it was completely full. The lines were outrageous, it was hard to walk anywhere because we were just pushing throught the crowds holding on to our children for dear life. The only thing that saved our vacation was that it rained the next day and nobody was there. We had our rain ponchos and the waits for the rides were like 10 minutes long, even for the most popular rides.

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Ridiculously busy. If you're taking a college student, go in Jan before their semester starts. January is one of the least busy times there. The last two times I've visited were in Jan. Pretty much no lines for any ride. We also went in the middle of the week (T/W/Th are the best days).

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It depends on when your break is. We went the week after Easter a few years ago and it wasn't bad (~30 min. wait for most rides). It can be very busy, though. Check online to see when the local school districts and universities have their breaks.


The very slowest time is between Thanksgiving and mid-December. We went the first week of December (2010) and had a fabulous time. We walked on to almost every ride. Our longest wait was for Toy Story Mania (35 min.).

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