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Seamstresses..what serger do you own?

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I have had a plain differential feed serger for over 15 years and wanted to upgrade to a fancier one that did 5 thread locking stitch and a coverstitch.

DH surprised me with a Viking/Husquvarna S25. It was 1200.00 and I could not get the thing to work! THey exchanged it for a different one 2 weeks ago...and same song, 2nd verse. It was a mess. I finally threw in the towel and returned it last night. I am on a Yahoo group for that serger and no one is happy with it. It isn't just me.


So..anyone here have a fancy serger that they just love?? I want to be able to do a coverstitch, rolled hems, apply elastic that kind of thing.


I would also like to hear from you if you own a machine that only does coverstitches as that might be an option for me. Certainly sounds like it would be cheaper.

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Have you tried the patternreview board? They have machine reviews there... I'm on sewingmamas too and they have threads you could pull up with machine rec's as well.


None of my own though- I hope to have a serger someday but have gone without so far. Slows me down a bit, but I have only one child and I don't sew daily :)

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My serger isn't that fancy. I'm saving for a coverstitch machine; the advice I've been given is that it's just best to have two separate machines.


My Brother 1034d has been a good basic 3/4 lay-in serger and it has differential feed. I bought it for just under $200. A separate coverstitch machine will run you $500-600. You could use the rest of your $ for thread!

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I only have a 4 thread Elna serger that does *not* have a cover stitch. That has been something I've wished for. Keep hearing about cover stitch only machines, but have yet to see/experience one. I recently helped a friend thread a Bernina 5 thread w/cover stitch, but didn't get the opportunity to check out its capabilities.

So I guess it's:lurk5: and :bigear:.

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I have had a few Bernette sergers. I currently own two, a four thread and a five thread (007 and 008). I also have the Bernette coverstitch machine (009) and do not regret getting a dedicated coverstitcher. It's totally worth it. These are all SIMPLE machines that function without any fussy little troubles. Perfect balanced stitches (and I don't have to say a special little prayer first to get the tension to cooperate ;))


I haven't sewn much in ages, but when I do, very little gets done on the sewing machine (I use it mainly for topstitching on wovens, patch pockets etc.). I'd be constantly switching back from coverstitch to serger and that would probably end up in many unfinished projects.


So, my advice is to get two. :D Also do go to the dealer if at all humanly possible and try them out before you buy.

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