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Sensory box ideas

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You can do a lot with each of the things you listed--



Color it, make it soapy, add ice (freeze water in large bowls and add them, or ice cubes, or colored ice cubes that release the color as they melt).



Make it damp, dampen only part of it, place a bowl of water in it so they can mix it themselves and make it damp, color it



Color it



Red/kidney, black, navy, lentils (my favorite--they feel silky and pour easily)


Shaving cream--put a bin of water near so he can wash his hands. Don't use menthol. Requires some supervision, but it's fun!


Corn meal


Snow from outside




Pasta (I like colored butterfly pasta and rotini together--it's pretty!)


"Oobleck"--cornstarch and water. It's got a fancy name--Non-newtonian colloidal suspension. Make it green and call it swamp stuff!


You can add a bunch of different items to the bin to vary the experience, too--different containers, different scoops/spoons (slotted, ladle, small, kid-sized, very large, plastic measuring, measuring cups), pitcher, wash rag.


You can hide things--small plastic animals, pennies, fake gold coins, beans you've spray painted gold, army guys, marbles, those flattened marble "chips" you put in vases, pretty rocks, funnels (you can make your own in various sizes). You can have them sort out what they find, or count it, or find specific things. You can bury things in playdough balls--I do this to strengthen fingers.


I just scooped up a bunch of snow and added ice from outside for the little 2 yog I babysit. She played with mittens on, then took the mittens off. She had some small plastic containers, some popsicle sticks, a couple of spoons, a funnel (cut from a bleach bottle top, with the lid). She played for a good half hour, then we added creamer-sized pitcher fulls of hot water, and she played in the slush and watched it melt.


I love sensory stuff!

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There are really cool sensory things for sale now.....moon sand, foam type playdough, the sand that underwater is moldable but out of water is dry, these small dry marbles that when you put in water swell up and are squishy...there are more that I cannot remember the name of but I have in bins in my attic!

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