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City life: a newbies view

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There have been a few threads on country life or getting out of the city, so I thought I would give some though on the opposite. I have always lived in a suburb type setting and longed to move to a very rural setting. I shunned city life and thought it was absolutely not for me. Circumstances in my life has brought me to live in the heart of a city. It is not New York or similarly large bustling city but it is still a city. It has parking meters and crosswalks and the dirt of a big city. There is noise of cars and people and trains and such. Through out the day an alarm sounds that lets all know the boiler building is letting off steam (I call it the boiler building, but not sure what it is). It is just what I figured a city would be like except it is all that but so much more. I am amazed at all the things that are offered to those living in the city. The library is this huge expanse of endless shelves that one gets dizzy just looking down the rows. It offers cultural activities from ballet to orchestra performances for the children as well as puppet shows and actors acting out the story of the week. The childrens room has educational game packs you can check out and I just discovered several shelves with big boxes of themed supplies and books. We will be checking out the dinosaur box this week for this months study of dinosaurs. There is a Museum of Natural history, and art museum and a rec center that offers just about everything imaginable(from swimming to skating to art, ballet, music lessons, to science workshops and much more). An opera house and live theater. I am overwhelmed at all I can do for free or just a small cost. I honestly never realized what a city can offer all within walking distance. I wont even begin to describe the food choices available.

One of the things I was concerned about was nature, where to find it. We are nature lovers and lived in an area full of hiking trails and nature. There are tons of parks here, small play parks and big nature trail filled ones. Just a short drive will bring me to a fossil filled area and more hiking trails. Nature is all around us. We are enjoying seeing birds we never saw before as well as other living things. I am eagerly awaiting spring to see what type of trees we have and plants that are hidden under a 2 feet of snow. There are hills and outcroppings of rock that my kids are enjoying seeing (and are eager to climb once the ice melts). I know not all cities are like this, some offer more or less, some ore too big to enjoy walking from home to the center of town, some are dirty and crime filled. But, my introduction to city life has been a pleasant surprise. I am not giving up my dream of country living, but for now this new lifestyle is exciting, eye opening, and giving me the opportunity to introduce my children to so much that living in the suburbs did not allow (without a very hefty price tag). Who knew I could be a city girl.

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Sounds wonderful! We live near NYC, and I've never liked it there except for a period in my teen years to my early twenties. (no offense to those who live there:001_smile:) In our travels we have been to smaller cities, and I decided I could easily enjoy living in a smaller city. I'm definitely a suburbs kind of girl though!

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I live in the city, too. I would never want to live anywhere else. I live in Queens - 6 miles away from the heart of Manhattan. I've lived here my whole life but grew up with a vacation house in the country on the beach. It was great, but only in the summer when there's lots of people around. I would go crazy if I had to drive absolutely everywhere. I enjoy the country (and most suburbs) in very small doses. I always read blogs about families who live in the country and I don't see much interaction with other kids (besides siblings) and it seems they spend 90% of their lives at home. To live that far away from other people and places would drive us crazy.


Dh and the kids love the city, too. In about 1 hour north, we can go skiing, 1 hour east are great beaches, farms, vineyards, and state parks. Within 20 minutes I can be in Manhattan with all its museums, cultural centers, Central Park, restaurants, theaters, galleries, and awesome neighborhoods (except for the restaurants and theater, most of those are free). Within walking distance from my house are 2 supermarkets, 2 libraries, delis, the post office, a drug store, a dozen restaurants, several bakeries, 5 bus lines, the subway, and so much more. My block is quiet and tree-lined and we live in a house with a front and back yard, garden, and garage.


Homeschooling here is unlike anywhere else. The amount of resources and opportunities for kids is endless. We love experiencing everything. I'm definitely a city-girl.

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