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Considering provisional teaching certification - Anyone BTDT?

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I've been in a public school setting this year - running an afterschool program. Although I really dislike the schedule, I love teaching. BUT, I also like the administrative aspect of running a program - managing staff, doing the paperwork, connecting with teachers to provide continuity from the class to afterschool, curriculum development, etc.


My principal is a godly man and is very affirming of what I'm doing with the program. He knows that dh and I are applying to work at Dalat (Heather's school) and is very supportive. Through talks with him, I'm looking into provisional licensure, get a year or two in the classroom (whether stateside or in Malaysia), and then do an M.Ed. with an administrative bent.


I do have a master's degree, but it's in recreation administration with an emphasis on pediatric therapeutic recreation.


Now, I sort of have my "other life" as well - writer/speaker/Bible student/teacher - which I'd love to give time to as well ...


I'd love your input/advice, and if you have done the provisional licensure thing, I'd love to hear your experience with that. Most likely, this would need to be online. So, if you have program suggestions too, that would be great.


Thanks, Gals!

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In our system it was only available in the high need certification areas of special ed (his field), math, and science. He had 3 years to complete the certification requirements. At that time, the classes were not available online, but I'd bet a LOT are available online now.

Working full-time and going to school two nights per week was pretty stressful, but it paid off well in the long run. Special ed was a good field for dh with a big raise over his previous social services jobs at nonprofit agencies.

Keep us posted!

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