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Calculus study group starting...

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Because it can be beneficial for calculus students to work on some problems and activities together and there is no one over here doing Calculus (in English who is not in school that I have been able to find), I thought I'd see if anyone's son or daughter is working on Larson (it could be another book but then there would be a bit of work matching the topics, though some books are closer than others) this year who would be interested in occasionally getting together online to work on the type of problems and activities which are suggested to work on in groups....


My ds is working toward the AP Calculus AB exam which is going to be given on the 4 May, so there is not that much time left. We are doing it on block scheduling started in Dec, so he is not quite as far along as your son or daughter probably, but he is rapidly catching up. We're doing integrals and antidifferentiation right now (Ch 4 Calculus Larson)


It is possible to use scriblink.com or vyiew.com.


I had originally been thinking of this just for group projects and someone gave me the idea for a study group.


This is not mandatory to being involved in a study group, but at some point I was thinking of doing "projects" which are more complicated and would therefore need a math teacher to facilitate.


This is a free collaborative group - I have no experience in Calculus except for this year. If we would get a math teacher involved, then I would want to offer some remuneration, but that would be for each get together and has yet to even be started.




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I hadn't seen it - it looks quite helpful for people looking for exercises.


But I'd wanted my son to have the opportunity of working on problems, activities and projects in a collaborative way, and at least from what I could see, Alcumus did not seem to offer that. Or did I miss something?


He has very little "team" experience and team experience seems to be stressed in modern society due the need to be able to work on teams in various jobs.


Communicating mathematical ideas is another benefit of doing group work.


So far he's doing pretty well on the concepts. And we're not wanting for practice materials. We're lacking people with whom to discuss mathematical problems.


But thanks for trying to help, (if I haven't missed anything on the site that is).


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