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McCall-Crabb A-E....how do you use them?


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I think I may have asked this question a couple years back, but we are a couple years older now, and I don't remember what anyone said.


The books have no instructions. I read here there was a three minute time limit. Okay. Other than "testing where kiddo is" what do you use them for?


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I use them as reading comprehension tests. I set the timer for 3 minutes and have the kids read and answer the questions. I keep track of the scores they receive (both percentage and G score) and at the end of the year, I review (I review throughout the year too) to see if their scores are consistent, improving, or getting lower. This gives me an indication if their reading comprehension levels are growing as they age and allows me to evaluate if I need to spend more time on reading comprehension or in which areas my dc are lacking. For example, I've noticed that one of my children is able to pick out facts very well, but struggles with questions where the details are implied rather that stated. So, when we do other kinds of reading I try to focus on these types of discussions with that child.


After we're done the timed portion of them, we go back and review the short stories according to how the WRTR describes- discuss what kind of writing it is, the POV that it's written in, the author's purpose, the elements included, what the main idea of it was.


Short, easy, and my kids love doing them. :)

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I use them as a reading comprehension test and test-prep. I have my dd do these twice a week and she only does one story each day. I don't have a time limit but have her read the paragraph and then answer the questions.


Then I go through and circle wrong answers and ask her about the questions she missed. If she gets it correct when I ask it out loud she gets credit for it.


We are working on several skills right now:


reading carefully

answering the questions not by what you know but by what the story tells you

going back and looking for the answer in the story

following directions



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