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Dyxlexia testing questions

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Okay, so I've been knocking this around for a while now and have decided to go ahead and have dd tested. I really think she may be dyslexic, but I need to know if she is for sure. I don't think there is anything else going on (other than perhaps some visual things, which we'll also work on figuring out). She's bright, she doesn't seem to have any issues other than reversals, mirror-writing, directional confusion sorts of things. Her vocabulary is fine, her reading is actually great, considering how much trouble she has with confusing b/d and stuff like that.


So anyway, I don't believe we need to test for everything under the sun. She's either dyslexic, has some vision issues, has both, or has none of the above and is fine, lol. I know there isn't one single test for dyslexia and I've heard so many people say they couldn't afford testing, so I'm wondering if this organization's testing service might not be valid or something, since it's so inexpensive, at only $175: http://www.memphisdyslexia.org/testing.html . I don't know how much these things normally cost or should cost. Does this seem unreasonably inexpensive? lol I just have no idea what's normal.

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My concern would be that many conditions symptoms overlap, such as ADD/ADHD w/Dyslexia. So if they "only" screen for Dyslexia, you may miss knowing about something now that a full Neuropsychological Evaluation would detect. From my experience some kids are able to compensate and cover up some symptoms until they reach 4th-6th grades. If I had a do over, each dc would have been evaluated in K or 1st.

I agree with this. From my previous experience as an edulational evaluator I know that many screening forms are really not very helpful. They seem to miss a lot of kids that truely need help. Rather spending that much money on a screener that may not be very accurate I would recommend going for a full eval, starting with the vision therapy component. I know our experience is different than others but my son was originally diagnosed as dyslexic but after 18 months of vision therapy that diagnosis was changed.

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I'm going on the assumption you're looking for someone in Memphis, TN. I referred potential clients to Dr. Zinkus (sp?) in Le Bonheur's Clinical Psychology department between 2001-2003. It's a long shot that he's still there, but their write-ups, diagnostic information, and recommendations were right on spot for parents and teachers. (FWIW, I received OG training in graduate school.) Keep us updated as to where you end up.

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Agreeing with the others - what you describe screams "vision" to me, not dyslexia.


How is her spelling?


Also, I guess I'm not sure what the point is of "screening" for dyslexia. IMO, you either test for it or you don't. My dd's testing lasted about 4 hours and was $550, which included the report.


I would go to http://www.dys-add.com/symptoms.html and see what sort of symptoms she has, and then I'd go from there.

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