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Computer languages instead of logic?

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Anyone teach computer languages instead of logic? Seems like there is quite a bit of logic in computer languages. I was wondering if it was helpful to study both simultaneously, or if you have a student particularly gifted in computers, to study computer languages instead of logic.

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I never studied actual logic myself- but I acquired plenty of logical thinking skills through computer programming, extensive mathematics studies, and theoretical physics. So, I do not see formal logic studies as necessary.


My 11 y/o has started learning programming. He uses Python and Alice.

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I don't think I'd skip the logic, but they could be done simultaneously.


We've dabbled in mathematical logic (simultaneously with geometry) and in programming (Python, Alice, SAS, calculator programming). Next year I'd like to make both of those more formal and coordinated.


We've done a little argument-type logic too (logical fallacies, syllogisms, etc.) which I think is more of a writing skill than a programming skill, although they do have some overlap. I wouldn't drop that part at all.

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