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CLE questions.


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I am looking for something for next year. By then dd7 will have completed FLL1 and most of 2 if not all. And WWE 1 and 2.


I have discovered she LOVES workbooks. I had picked up a few Evan Moores that are available locally, and the adores doing them.


I notice CLE is very much workbooks, this is good. now couple questions, I noticed the grade 3 has diagramming in it. It that when they start it? Or did it start in grade 2. Would it be best get a few booklets and introduce it to her there? Or will it be ok to just do 3. From what i've seen of FFL2, there is no diagramming yet.


Will she be ready for CLE grade 3 having done the 1 & 2 of FLL and WWE?


Am I seeing it right that each workbooklet is a mixture of all components of la? Grammar, spelling, writing, penmanship?


Just thinking ahead :bigear:

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and there hasn't been any diagramming yet. My dd in 407 has diagramed subjects, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs, but no direct objects, predicate nominatives or adjectives and no indirect objects. So I am assuming that 300 level introduces it at a very basic level. Sounds like a good place for your child to start. We love CLE LA. I have kids doing 100, 200, 400, 600, and 700.


And yes, there is grammar, spelling, penmanship, vocabulary, and a decent amount of writing instruction in every LU.

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