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Moving to PA... have some questions

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Anyone do PA's public cyber school for their high schoolers?


We are moving to PA from IL soon (2-4 months) and I am seriously considering enrolling our twins in one of the PA public cyber schools for their 11th and 12th grades.


So anyone with experience in PA cyber schools... please tell me about them.


Did you transfer into them from homeschooling and if so, how did it go with getting transfer credit for your high schoolers?


We plan to move to Lackawanna or Monroe counties (Scranton, Moscow, or Tobyhanna areas). If you are familiar with these areas, I would appreciate any information you can give me (especially what areas to stay away from).


We need to find cubscout/boyscout troop, music teacher (guitar, drums, piano), Kung Fu school, pediatrician/family doctor, etc.


If you are familiar with the elementary/middle schools I would like to hear about them too. Youngest Ds will be in 5th grade next year (he is on autism spectrum). Middle Ds will be in 7th grade and at this time we aren't sure if we will do cyber school with him or send him to middle school still.


Thank you.

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I am familiar with Lackawanna County but do not cyber school so i cannot help there.

We actually live in the next county,Susquehanna County. Lots of cheaper homes for sale on this side with more yard/land setting then Scranton.

If you find specific homes I can give you details on certain parts of Scranton to avoid but I did not mind living there. Of course that was before children while i was in college:)

You can pm if you think that I might be able to help with Lackawanna houses. I actually have a friend who is selling his house in Scranton right now. Nice place, and it actually has a yard! It is only a couple of blocks away from Nay Aug Park and the Everhart Museum!

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