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If you DON'T have a dedicated school room . . . where do you keep stuff?


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K through this much of 6th we always had a school room. In the beginning years we used it a lot. Each year it seems we use it less and less for school. We've gotten to the point now that we really just use it to house books, materials, and supplies.


So, now I'm thinking of converting the school room to a sewing room. We have book cases/shelves that could easily shelve curriculum. Some materials and supplies need to be gotten rid of (we haven't finger painted in a while;)) and some can be kept in the sewing room.


Some things, though, don't conveniently tuck away like that.


Where do YOU keep your school supplies, on-going projects, printer, paper (used and new), et c.?


Our room is small so we need to be creative.

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I sectioned off 1/4 of the garage with bookshelves and a storage cabinet as the "walls" and that is where I keep all of our school supplies. I even put down a rug and an old table and chair set for use as a craft table. It's a little nippy this time of year so the dc don't do crafts out there but at least they don't dawdle when I send them out to get their schoolbooks!

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We currently have a school room too, but like you said - its mostly used for book and supply storage.

We're a growing family of 5 kids and counting...LOL Using a whole room for storing school supplies is kind of a waste of a good room in this house.

I"d like to turn the school room into a nursery. :)


The problem, I really do love the school room. I just love to open the door and look in there sometimes (when its clean lol).

But the reality is that the boys don't usually do all their schoolwork at the table in there...often they are sitting on their bed, or at the kitchen table. The computer is also in there, but that can be moved elsewhere. There is a lot of books and supplies in there but those can be moved elsewhere.

I do like all the wall space I can use for posters (which I have several up) and a white board.


Here's how I would use other space in the house though for school stuff if we do end up using it as a nursery as planned...

There is a built in book case in the dining room. I should be able to fit all the school books there. The shelves are tall and deep. Then I can put the computer next to the bookcase (where my computer is now, but I'd move my computer into my room). Schoolwork can be done at the kitchen table in the dining room also. I could even use this little corner where the computer/bookcase are to put posters on the wall. :)

The whiteboard (which we don't even have now but are getting for next year) could be mounted on the big blank wall space in the dining room also.

I don't necessarily like the idea of school taking over my entire dining room, but I'm not one to decorate anyway. I guess I'm very "practical"? lol Simplistic? I don't know the word I'm looking for...haha In other words, I don't have a nicely decorated dining room. Everything in here is for practical purposes. I think I'd be okay with school taking over my dining room walls and bookshelf. ;)


Usually when I see a house that doesn't have a school room - they use a section of another room, or part of their house - like a living room corner, etc.

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We presently keep our stuff in a small room that is the guest room...It is on bookshelves there...The rest of the things we don't need this year is in the basement...


My issue is carrying the stuff around!...I end up running back and forth all day for "this" or "that" :tongue_smilie:...I may try to school as close to where the daily used stuff is kept as possible!

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I don't have a school room. I have a book shelf in the main area where we work for reference books and such, the kids each have carts that store what they are working on. The 2 older girls carts fit under the computer table(houses 3 computers) and the little one's cart slides in beside shelf. I have books in a couple boxes under my scrapbook table elsewhere. I do wish we had a wall to put up charts and such.. i need to think on where...we haven't many walls on this level.

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We've never had a schoolroom. We started our homeschool while living in a small 2 bedroom apt. so I'm here to say -- size does not matter, lol!


We've kept our stuff in plastic storage drawers like these (they are MUCH more affordable in-store):


medium drawers


wide drawers


mini drawers (this is my "teacher's desk" - we keep push pins, brads, poster putty, pencils, pens, etc. in the top drawer; coins, beans, and other Math items in the middle, "scrap" paper in the bottom one)


We also have various bookshelves along with the bins that we keep in the kitchen, and bookshelves in the livingroom and the bedrooms -- just wherever they fit.

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We school in the dining room.


One wall of the dining room is floor to ceiling bookshelves. A little more than half of one of those shelves is homeschool books, including one shelf for library books.


The corner of the room has a little computer table for the kids that also includes the printer and laminator.


There's another small shelf where I keep our math manipulatives, papers, microscope, science experiment box, etc.


Finally, each kid has a box with their workbooks and so forth under the sideboard.


We work at the dining room table.


You can see an old blog post of mine with pictures, though we've taken over a little more space than this and it was last year for K, so there was less workbooky kinds of things we were using. But you get the general idea...




I probably could take over a space in the basement playroom or upstairs I could take one of the kids' bedrooms and make them share, but we like being in the centralness of the dining room.

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We don't have a dedicated schoolroom and all "deskwork" gets done at the kitchen table or at my computer desk in the den. There is a closet in the den that I took over for school supplies, arts and crafts, a small filing cart, board games and so on.


There is also a "china cabinet" in the room that I have taken over for school and craft supplies.


There are a couple of bookcases in the same room, and we just kind of make do like that!

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For us, the family room downstairs doubles as a school room. We have a couple of book shelves. A smaller set of shelves with science/art supplies. Then a large plastic three drawer set on rollers that has all the serious lab supplies. Maps are on the walls, we have desks in one part of the room, and there is another small 3-drawer unit by the printer with paper supplies. I have a crate that has my current TMs and it sits on the coffee table, but can easily be moved to the floor in the corner to get it out of the way. This is a very large room - actually two rooms open to each other. One is maybe 15 x 25 and the other 12 x 20. We have a couch, chair, treadmill, old kitchen table used for science, an 8 x 12 gymnastics mat and balance beam along with a small pool table and foosball table in that space along with the school stuff. This is definitely an all-purpose area!

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