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Narrowed Chemistry down to 2 choices:

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Spectrum and AOP LifePac. Cathy Duffy gives LifePacs a good review commenting that it is challenging and covers a lot of organic chemistry. She also gives Spectrum a good review.


Anyone have any pros/cons to either of these programs? AOP has some nice sales on going or coming up, so if I chose to buy their program, I'd rather do it on sale.



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We're using and loving Spectrum Chemistry. The labs are fantastic -- varied and illustrate the concepts very well. I have no experience with AOP, so I can't help you with that comparison. I did use Apologia with my older son, and Spectrum is far better, IMHO. The labs are more interesting, and the text has funny overtones, but gets right to the point of what the student needs to learn.


Spectrum is great for my science-loving 9th grader who will take a more advanced chem course later in high school, either AP or at the local CC -- we haven't decided which yet.


Best wishes on making a good decision for your family!


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My son started their 9th grade program. He said it was sooooo dry and boring that he couldn't stand it! We ended up giving them to someone else and doing different things.


That was a few years ago, and wasn't Chemistry, but thought I'd throw that info. out there for a point to ponder. :001_smile:

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