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Has ANYONE done Biblioplan for High School?

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I am wondering if anyone has done BP for high school? If so, could you please share your thoughts on how it worked? I have used the first two years - more or less - and am wondering about continuing with it or switching to something else.


I am also looking at MFW AHL and just Notgrass with our regular stuff...


Thanks so much!


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I used BP for 9th grade a few years back. I had to gather much support for it -- Omnibus (questions and writing assignments), Cliff notes (more questions and discussions), Glencoe online literary worksheets (didn't actually use them but did peruse them for ideas). I used Spielvogel's Modern World History as spine. It worked well but I had to do a lot to put it together. For my second ds I now use MFW and love it. Literature is a bit different than BP -- less great books, but more of a mix of great books with great Christian literature. MFW also has the added bonus of having the biblical studies and worldview woven in. I love that it's all put together for me. This is my last dc so I'm ready for something like this, less work for me.

I think BP does a great job of putting the WTM into a format/plan you can use. I used BP for lower grades as well. We really enjoyed the freedom of reading the literature with not a lot of "interruptions" from a lesson manual. Just tell me what to read and when ... that gave us freedom. For high school, I needed more hand holding. :)


BTW, I used the Moderns from BP (year 4, I think)




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I am looking at using Year 3/4 for dd for 10th/11th. From my understanding they have revised BP a great deal for high school and it will even include questions for the high school level, lit suggestions w/ lit guide recommendations, a government resource, etc.

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