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s/o Tog (vs WTM)...Discussion vs. paper writing

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Rather than hijack Elizabeth's thread I am starting a new one. Several in the thread stated discussion is very important and key part of TOG (I am paraphrasing here).


Due to my full time job and having 3 kids at home, I haven't been able to do the discussions with them. What I have been doing is making workbooks via Karenciavo. The two boys love this. They like being able to write their answers as they read. I haven't been able to do the discussion due to lack of time.


After reading Elizabeth's thread I am wondering "Am I shortchanging the boys by not doing discussions??"



I suppose we can do the discussions on Saturday or Sunday?? hubby really do not want us to do school on Saturday but understand that it may be necessary due to my full time job.


Any thoughts?



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Honestly, yes. You aren't getting the maximum benefit from it. I would sit around after dinner and discuss it. Or bring them to the table and discuss them with dad at dinner. Have a family discussion. Or if your husband has pop quiz, have him ask some questions. You need to discuss it some to really see what they are thinking, make them back up their opinions, etc.



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