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a whirlwind-


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I have two teens on the spectrum..one is a girl w/a syndrome and NVLD as wella s some other issues that go w/ her medical condition. The other is a very newly dx'ed Aspie /ADHD teen-though I knew in my gut years ago.

Last week things were going so well, I was thinking "I can do this"...then, suddenly on Sunday both unhinged and life has been a little wild. We have several other children as well.

So why did we go from lull to storm with both of them? Any ideas? Yes, the pace picked up a bit. Yes, I changed the chore chart (they knew it was coming), yes their dad who has been gone alot due to temporary extra demands at work was home, ......but life is going to happen. I can't control everything, esp as they are nearing adulthood....

and how do I get them back on an even keel?

I appreciate your thoughts.

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Maybe I need to be more clear on what I'm asking?

One...any encouraging words if you have been there/done this

Two Any ideas on how to get my two teens make on an even keel

Three any ohter helpful hints or support you can give....Sometimes it's fun and interesting here...other times it's like living in the twilight zone when no one remebers what you said or are arguing and claim they aren't, or just act, well, like they are living on the autism spectrum!


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