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Are your children interested in Egypt events

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We're in SOTW I, so we've been in Ancient Egypt for much of the school year. Now with Egypt in the news, I've been explaining what's going on with the leader. They're kind of curious, and I love that connection they're making. They realize that Mubarak has been ruling for thirty years, which is longer than US Presidents rule. We compared him to the rulers of Egypt past.

Anyone else having dialogues with their kids re: Egypt and history in action?

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My kids are following what's happening in Egypt. They see Al Jazeera coverage, they heard people talking about while out at a cafe last night. I think my eldest is curious to hear the Khutbah tomorrow.

We're also studying ancient history right now. They've been eager to talk about similarities of now and then. I think they feel like they have something real to offer to the conversation, (and I agree :)).

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