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Had to share my little victory

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DD9 has been dying to go to this local science school when she hits 6th grade (fall 2012) or the local performing arts magnet (hideous district) for jr high/high school. I think I finally convinced her today that if she wants to continue to do theatre, it would be to her benefit to remain homeschooled because then, after late night rehearsals, she would not have to get up early the next morning and spend the day in school and then have homework etc. Hopefully it sticks. I may end up going the virtual charter route for high school but for now, it looks like I may get my way. At first, we were so encouraged by the science school and thought it could be really great for her until I discovered that they teach this reform math stuff (i.e., Connected Marhematics and Integrated Mathematics) all the way through high school. That was a deal-breaker for me.

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