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Phonics-based History Readers?


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My daughter will start 1st grade in the summer, so I decided to start a more formal science curriculum now so we can kind of get into the swing of things and not leave science out once we get busy with history and grammar and who knows what else...


We're using Paige Hudson's Elemental Science Intro. to Science and it's been a great fit for us so far. She recommends many of the Rookie Read-About Science readers and my library has most of them, so we've been reading those during my daughter's daily reading lessons. She really enjoys them and feels like she's reading "real" books about science.


Does anyone know whether there are similar books like this about history - especially ancient history?


I think she'll be able to read The Usborne Book of World History with some help by the summer, and I plan to do most of our history aloud with SOTW, but these little, accessible readers are so great for her that I would love to find something comparable...or write my own. So far, though, I have, "Long ago," Umm...duh. :tongue_smilie:



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