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Child training and daycare/preschool?

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How do you do it?


How does a parent potty train or stop a child from biting or teach their dc ANYTHING if they are in a daycare/preschool for 10 hours a day while their parents are at work?


When I used to work in a daycare, WE potty trained the dc. We had to, there was no away around it. We took the 2yo's to the bathroom on a schedule and had them try whether it worked or not. 3yo's who were not potty trained were sent into the 2yo room to be changed at the "scheduled" time.


Who is supposed to train and discipline preschoolers? Parents? Caregivers? How is a parent going to teach a 2yo not to bite when they are not there when it happens?


Parents are not with their dc enough to train them and caregivers aren't given the authority to train dc.


Guess who looses?:glare:

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Unless things have changed radically there is a thing in the preschool room called a time-out chair/spot/corner. There are ways to train/modify behavior within the 18-24 month old group. I always found a fairly strict schedule to be a good thing. There isn't time to get into too much trouble. It served me well when I worked with that age while I was in college and it served me well when dd was pre-school aged.


Expectations play a large role in socializing preschoolers.


Even the strong-willed defiant child wants to be part of the group. (Although there was this one... He eventually had to leave.)

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That's why I stayed at home, even through poverty and hardship.


I worked at daycares through college, and it was enough to convince me that my dc would NEVER set foot in one unless I was deceased. I worked at nice daycares...it wasn't that the places I worked were illegal or dirty or worse than others...it's the atmosphere itself. Even beyond discipline, children *need* to spend the best part of their day with adults who genuinely *love* them and are able to form meaningful human bonds. In the daycare setting, the kids are spending their best (and most) hours with a teacher who isn't allowed to bond with them. It's unsettling (to put it lightly) to a child's self...and discipline is only one aspect of that.



The memory of a few of those children are haunting. Violent, destructive, insecure, and utterly withdrawn at ages 2, 3 and 4yo...:crying:

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