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Pancreatitis diet. Can anyone help me with this?

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Our ministry in Guatemala is to the street people and homeless. One of the things that has come up with them is pancreatitis because of the drinnking of alcohol (rubbing alcohol, not liquor).


One of our guys had a severe attack yesterday and the doctor told us that he needs a special diet. We aren't completely sure what that would consist of. I've been researching it online and all I get is low-fat. Some say low-carb, some say hi-carb. It's a little confusing.


I was wondering if there is someone on here who can just give me a list of food they know he could eat. We are committed to making sure that he gets healthy food every day, but, I'm just needing a list!


Their primary diet is corn tortillas and whatever they can scavenge from the garbage dump--usually fruits and veggies that are too far gone to eat from the market. I'm thinking corn tortillas are out for a while and I'm going to have to figure out what he will eat and what I can afford to do for him and a few others that I suspect have the same issue.


While you're at it, could you all be praying as well? It's been a little overwhelming lately. We could really use a nurse! (If anyone is interested!;))

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Well, my pancreas is not healthy and I need to avoid carbs. The pancreas is for putting out insulin when a person eats carbs, so it makes sense that avoiding carbs would at least give it a rest.


I don't know anything specific to pancreatitis, though.


This was my first thought, so I got confused when I was seeing that carbs were okay. :001_huh: Anyway, I'll make sure not to include carbs in the meals.

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