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Question for septic owners

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Our pipes are buried below the frost zone or about four feet deep. The ground in Michigan does not freeze that deep even in the worst of prolonged cold snaps.


Not to be gross, but not only will your tank be buried quite deep, but manure (even human) gives off heat as it decomposes so your septic is, relative to the outdoor temperature, toasty warm.


Sorry to be so graphic.



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Is it a bad idea to do laundry (or take a shower, or other things that dump a lot of water) in sub-zero temperatures? I need to do laundry, but I don't want the septic to back up. Do septic systems freeze?


FWIW, the system is fairly new, only 5 years old, but we've not had this cold temperature before.


Many of us who live in snow-country have septic systems and use them no differently in the winter.


Wash away! :D



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