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Some winter humor for the blizzard bound

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Check out the Houston Chronicle's idea of "blistery cold" weather:




The Rice kids are not terribly underdressed, except for the guy swimming outdoors. I was just fine in a t-shirt and hoodie this morning. I really like Houston, but sometimes my inner northerner just has to smile.

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I am only slightly amused as this is our first winter back in the midwest. :lol::lol:Previously we were only a few hours from Houston. We have a bank of snow outside and could perhaps do a study on the effects of wind this morning. Other than that, we aren't going anywhere. :D

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I got home from work this morning to find the heater cranked up to like 68. I turned it down, and when I got up at noon, DW#2 complained that someone had turned it down to 60. She thought it ridiculous that in a T-shirt with slippers and an afghan around her shoulders she was still cold.


I think it's ridiculous that the thermostat is turned up above 62, but I guess I'm outvoted. DH was complaining about the cold, too. It's all of 40 this morning.


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