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Miquon - How to use the 1st Grade Diary


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How do you use the 1st Grade Diary?


We've only just started 4.5yo dd on Miquon, and still getting used to the material. I'm going through the counting section of the orange book, and I use the Lab Sheet Annotations as a guide.


However, the 1st grade diary seems disconnected from the lab sheets and lesson book, and I'm not sure how to approach it so that I can get the most from it.

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I used it as a glimpse into how Lore Rasmussen conducted and planned lessons. That *how* is the heart of the program.


Much the same. I used it for inspirtion and as an example of *how* one could teach a young child. How to make potentially difficult concepts comprehensible, if not simple, and how to make learning math fun.


I borrowed certain ideas directly, and also but on my thinking cap and thought of ways I could make up playful activities that would engage my son that took early math work outside of the work-book realm. I also borrowed on ideas from other math programs (such as Dr Cotter's Right Start materials) and adapted them to a Miquon-like program.


The Diary did help me see that math education need not be (ought not be) all about "workbooks." Math was the subject I had the most concern (if not anxiety) about when my son was born and I looked ahead to the sort of education I hoped to give him. I knew what I did not want in terms of math eduction (being able to work formulas without deep understanding) and a general "ideal" that I like this to be a subject of intellectual depth that was also enjoyable and one that promoted critical thing and logic. But I was clueless on how to achieve these ideals--especially on how to start with a young child.


That is where Lore Rasmussen's example was invaluable to me. I went from feeling clueless to thinking I could do this, and I could do that, and pretty soon it felt like a flood-gate had opened. It may not have been literally thinking "what would Lore Rasmussen do?" but pretty close.


I never did "follow" the Diary as a day-by-day scheduler of how we would do our math days. I don't believe that is the intention of the book.


But complied with the on-going value drawn from the Lab Annotations book the lessons drawn from Lore Rasmussen's books enrich our math program even when we use Singapore math or other math programs in addition to Miquon. And I agree with Paula that the Diary is the heart of the amiably program.



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