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Galore Park - SYRWTL French

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If you are not a fluent speaker, then I think you will need to be prepared to repeat earlier exercises orally to make sure that your pupils get the practice they need. Our lessons plans went something like:


Five minutes of general conversation, based on topics learned in previous lessons - I did this mostly on the fly, but you could earmark exercises to re-do orally.


Teaching new topics from today's chapter, including exercises done orally and/or written.


Child goes away to learn any memory work, then comes back and is tested.


So, I would say that it's fairly teacher intensive, because you need to be practising the old stuff orally, as well as teaching the new stuff.


FWIW, Calvin did 1 1/2 books, plus some quick coverage of extra grammar points. He then walked into a class with pupils who had been studying French in school for at least three years, and is keeping up well. It's a good course.



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