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What are the chances....

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that a house with TWO furnaces would have BOTH go out at the same time?


Welcome to my house!


Our third floor furnace has been out for almost two weeks. We're waiting for a part to show up. The vendor forgot to ship it and just shipped it today. (Needless to say...I'm not happy.)


Then tonight, our other furnace (that heats the basement and first floor...protects the pipes...) goes out, too! It's 28 degrees and the repairman can't come until morning.


Electric blanket here I come!

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I did give the vendor an earful. He refunded half of the invoice.


Repairman just walked in for the first floor furnace. Hopefully heat is on the way! Considering that it's 28 degrees outside, it's not too bad here in the house. It's a balmy 60 degrees in the living room (where there's a heater).


Back to my electric blanket....

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