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We would like to take a cruise, one that leaves from NYC

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There are 5 of us and we would like to go in August. We would like to leave out of NYC since we would not have to fly.

Looking at 3rd week of August.

Probably the Carribean/Bahamas.


I am looking around and it seems like they are like $10,000????


Maybe I am looking in the wrong place!


Any suggestions?

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My Mom and I cruised with Holland American out of NYC to Bermuda in October. We were gone for a week. We had a fabulous time, in spite of some ship issues which caused us not not have a whole lot of docked time. I think our cruise cost a little less than $1000 per person. We would definitely do it again!

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Best Price Cruises has a Norwegian ship leaving NYC on August 20 for $699pp.


Here are three leaving NYC in August: http://cs.cruisebase.com/cs/forms/cruiseresultsPage.aspx?skin=360&CD=1&DF=8/1/2011&CP=9393&CST=10&SN=false&MT=false&Phone=1-888-731-7447&Ref=BS&look=http://www.cheapcruisetraveldeals.com/cbase/cheapcruises.css&logo=no&Home=http://www.cheapcruises.com The Norwegian one listed above is listed for $649 on this site.


G@@gle discount cruises and you get lots of websites.

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NYC or Boston to Bermuda is a fun cruise. I liked Bermuda better than our other cruises, because you stay in the same port for 2-3 days and have time to really explore the country. Norwegian Cruise Line sails to Bermuda out of both NYC and Boston, and was fantastic cruise line for my kids, ages 4 and 6 at the time.

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