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Advanced 7th Grader, Life of Fred - Advice, Please!

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Help! I have been homeschooling my 11 y.o. son since K, but we are considering enrolling him in a 7-12 public charter school for the arts next year (as a seventh grader,) and I am trying to figure out where he may fit in the "traditional" math sequence that they offer (Alg., Geo., Alg. II/Trig., PreCalc, AP Calc, AP Stat).


Here is what he has completed to date over the past couple of years, in order, starting with Algebra I:

LOF Intro. to Algebra

Glencoe California Algebra I

AOPS Introduction to Algebra (text, not online)

LOF Advanced Algebra

LOF Geometry

Glencoe California Geometry (he is currently working on the last couple of chapters)

LOF Trigonometry (Yikes, he is now starting this one, for "fun")


The charter school does have 7th graders who are taking Geometry this year, but I don't think they have ever had a 7th grader take Alg. II/Trig. (although I think if he tests out of Geometry, I believe they will be open to the idea). What should we do? We still have a few months left for this school year, and my son loves LOF... but I am considering having him take an AOPS online course (Geometry? Algebra II?) My son wants to start LOF Trig. Help! This is a kid who reads LOF cover-to-cover the day we receive it, and has read every "Murderous Maths" book at least five times. He loves math! - I just am getting concerned that we are getting in over our heads! Thank you!

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Have you considered enrolling him in the aops introductory discrete math (number theory/counting and probability) courses? It would be a change of direction and keep him learning and interested without moving him further ahead of the school curriculum.

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