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I'm so proud of my dd but would appreciate prayers

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I've posted before about my 15 year old dd. She has suffered over the past few years with severe insomnia and other medical issues.


She had severe knee pain for the past year and the doctors found out it is because her leg isn't aligned right. Her femur is rotated 30 degrees the wrong way. A week ago Friday she had surgery for her leg. They actually cut the bone, rotated it and then inserted a plate and screws. Needless to say it is a very painful procedure. I am just so proud of the way she has handled it. She has been on Norco (a strong Vicodin), Motrin and Valium for the pain, which at times is excruciating. Because she has the plate she can actual start to do PT. Last week in the doctor's office (not even a week post op) the doctor had her doing small leg lifts. The first time she couldn't even lift her heel off the ground and had tears streaming down her face. This whole week she worked on it and now can raise her leg a few inches. She had another appointment today and the doctor is impressed but now the fun begins. She is supposed to do leg lifts as often as she can (I'm talking 100 or more a day if possible). This is very painful for her but will help her to heal quicker. She has been such a trooper but is sad because of the pain and also because she pretty much has to sit around all day. She doesn't have any friends locally since her best friend moved away a few years ago. She hasn't been able to make new friends so she is pretty lonely too.


She has also had a tough few years and just wants life to be "normal" but she never complains. I feel bad because I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few weeks ago. I am in so much pain yet I feel that she is so much tougher than I am. She is real inspiration.


I would appreciate your prayers/good thoughts for her since even though the surgery is over she has a long road ahead with physical therapy, etc. which starts next week. She also had to quit bowling and karate, which she really enjoyed and is sad about that. She can't bowl for 3 months and can't do karate for probably 6 months. I would appreciate prayers that she would heal quickly and can get back to her sports ASAP.

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