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How long for SAT scores to reach colleges?

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I have read the "official" information from the SAT/College Board website that it takes 4 weeks via USPS.


However, I am not sure if that is the case. Can anyone confirm firsthand how long it took from the time you ordered the scores to the time the college received them?


We are having issues with one university that keeps losing documents (first email says thank you for your application and your payment is received; next email says we have not received your application fee; next email says we are missing you application; fourth email says we have your app but we don't have your essay (which was written right on the application), etc etc. Now it's the SAT scores, missing.


I hate to make a pest of myself (and D doesn't even want to e-mail anymore, she is really upset with this, it's been going on since she applied at Thanksgiving!) but at what point should I intervene? D did write an e-mail this morning to the "new" counselor but the final deadline is looming and she has to make a decision on another college in 2 weeks!

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