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Favorite Addition Games with kids?


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I love many of these mentioned - Sum Swamp, Rat-a-tat-cat, Zeus on the Loose... Our favorite card game is Frog Juice, it has some math in that you add cards to 10. Both my dd6 and even my husband have to play this every weekend.


We'll have to try some of the others listed, some we have in our game closet.

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Well, the most entertaining game around here is:


I sit on the couch with a stack of flash cards. DS5 and DS3 "hide" by crouching down behind the ottoman. I call out a problem, DS5 thinks, then whispers the answer to DS3. They both jump up SCREAMING the answer at the top of their little lungs. I say either "Ding ding ding!" or "ERRRRR!"


They think that this is completely hilarious. Fortunately, our apartment has concrete walls.

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