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Curriculum advice needed! I'm going back to school.


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After homeschooling for years and a stay at home mom, I am venturing into new territory and I am not sure where to go!!!:confused:

Because of my husband's failing health, I am going back to school part time in the fall which will turn into permanent part time work. I took one very demanding course this year and homeschooling was very difficult.:001_unsure: I have always been very eclectic and chose curriculum that were very teacher intensive because I love reading aloud and getting hands on etc. However, even though I have used Sonlight, Winterpromise etc. I wasn't good at sticking to the lesson plans at all. After a disasterous year so far, I realize that I need a plan in place so I can still homeschool my 2 DS's (age 2,6 so will be grade 2 next year)I know I can't do this on my own any more, and that I need to go with a more boxed curriculum. I need something so that if my parents are watching the kids that they can follow the schedule and teach for the day etc. since they will be babysitting while I am at school. One problem is most are history based and my DS(6) is a science fanatic.:drool5: So I need advice on how to make this work. What curriculums have been easy and thorough but still an enjoyable learning experience? How do you make it work when I am not here all the time? I so appreciate everyone's advice on this site, you have always been such a blessing. :) This will be more for my little ones coming up since my DD will be 14 and is quite independant already. Thanks so much!!

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Hmmm... maybe you don't have to go boxed, necessarily, but just select specific curriculum that are easier to do? And you could make a lesson plan that anyone could follow? I do several different things, but I put it all in HST+ and print out a daily assignment sheet. I find it incredibly easy to manage, and each day I can just look at the list and check things off as we do them. I put page numbers, etc. in there. You can even add in directions. That might be something to think about.


For history, I'd recommend SOTW with the audio CD, so history can get done, but doesn't have to be read aloud. Give the kid an MP3 player and call it good. :lol: A lot of your "family read alouds" could also be done via audio books from the library and such, making it easier on grandparents.


Can you maybe do science on the weekends or some time that you're available? Then you can do the experiment stuff. During the week, just give the kid plenty of science books from the library.


Grammar... Maybe something workbooky like Growing With Grammar (secular) or CLE (Christian)?


Math... I'm not sure what to suggest for this one... Maybe someone else will have a good idea on easy-to-teach and not very teacher-intensive. Or this might be a subject you do yourself when you get home. I imagine you won't have to have grandparents doing EVERY subject, right?


Handwriting can be copywork in the font of your choice.


Writing... WWE is fairly easy and scripted. I'm sure a grandparent could easily handle it.


Does that give you some jump off points?

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What worked for me when I was unable to be the full-time teacher was ACE paces. We started by trying the first quarter which is three paces per subject. It is inexpensive, super easy for anyone to teach and sef-paced. The child can do one section in each pace aiy. Where to begin & end each day is clearly marked. For our science nut, when he was that little we worked through Considering God's Creation and then worked on some of the books from Great Science Adventures. My ds loved them!

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