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Need a little cheerleading and advice for getting through the next 48.

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More snow coming. We already have some cabin fever. Dh is out of the country. My mom was on her way for her weekly overnight visit (she takes the older 4 swimming Tuesday nights, I get a great workout Wednesday morning , she takes the two youngest to the library Wednesday midday, I take the 3 biggers to ski club Wednesday night--I love my mom) when she turned back because of the snow. She was also going to pick up an expidet bookcase at ikea and a desk apprentice at staples so I could expand my homeschooling universe from our workroom to our kitchen. The workroom has been pulled apart and things are stacked on our worktable for this.


Here's the hardest part: my 15 mo is now so insanely climby, busy, hold-me-ish I literally cannot get anything done when he is awake. He sleeps 10-12 and 3:30 to 4:30 except today he didn't do round2.


Kids are mean. I'm grumpy. Was planning to shop when mom got here. Outside isn't as thrilling as it was the first five storms.


I feel like calling in sick.



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Okay, no hugs because you are probably too irritated for that!:tongue_smilie:

It's just a cyber hug.:grouphug:

Yes, call in sick to your kids. Do a time out for you in your room, definitely bribe the kids. I know how hard it was when my dh worked at night and the kids were not getting along and I felt like I couldn't go to my room because of how poorly they were interacting with one another.

We used to have quiet races, see who can be quiet the longest, actually we still do it and our youngest is 9.

Might be a good time for teaching someone how to cook.:001_smile:

There were times when I would choose one of the kids to pay special attention to, read to, snuggle, have one on one time with me in my room.

I used to do treasure hunts for them also.

My kids liked it when I would get their baby pictures out (sorry, I haven't been very good at doing scrapbooks).

I am guessing you just feel like you are empty and I have felt like that. :)Bedtime is coming soon!:lol:

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