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Mint.com vs Justthrive.com

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I use Mint and I really like it. You put in your account logins for your online banking, etc. and it then imports the data so that you can view and categorize all your spending in one place. It's really very easy to use, and also quite secure.


I've never heard of justthrive.

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I haven't heard of JustThrive. I just started using Mint at the beginning of the year. It has a few glitches (I've had to log in to try to update accounts, it's duplicated accounts, etc) but there are a few things I really like. I like the weekly updates that they email that tell me where my money is and how I'm doing on budgets. I like that I can make it filter certain purchases to always fall under a certain account. I like the ability to make my own budgets and easily track them. It's really easy to use, and even though they advertise for "ways to save you money" none of the ads are intrusive AT ALL. I had to go searching for them when I first got in to see what it was all about.

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I'm intrigued by this. I just heard of mint.com today, which is why I'm reading these boards about it. Just how safe is it? How do you know it's safe?


April in TX


I am wondering about the same thing. Just changed my PayPal linked account last night after reading about a poster's horror story. How much info do you have to submit? Is it free? Better than Quickbooks?

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I use mint and really like it. It helps with budgeting and seeing where our money goes. I also get email alerts if I have a low balance or when I go over budget in a certain category (almost always that is fast food). It does make me watch where I am spending.



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