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Buying flour? Where and what kind?

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So my bread experiment is going swimmingly :D. Now the family doesn't want store bought.


I don't have a grain mill, and I'm not ready to take the plunge yet....


so where can I buy good, yummy, healthy flour...for cheap? Online or real life?


I'd try a few places before buying anything in bulk. Our Walmart has Wheat Montana whole wheat flour, but I purchased it a couple times before I bought a Nutrimill and it was always already rancid :glare: I would think a health food store would keep better tabs on how old their products are.

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For white all-purpose flour, I find Walmart's bulk bag (25lb) is the cheapest you can find widely available (between $8-12).


For bread flour, Sam's Club is cheap (25lb for @$14).


White whole wheat and other grains can be harder to find. I usually have to go to a specialty store, either a local whole foods, a co-op, or U-bake. That's still cheaper than ordering online (shipping can be a killer). I don't usually like buying these in a grocery store either, unless there is great turn over. Over-priced Bob's Red Mill that's been sitting on the shelf for 6 months..blech.

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I only use King Arthur's white whole wheat, unbleached white, and bread flour.


I can usually get the unbleached white for about $3 for 10 lbs at Walmart. Depending on what Walmart I go to I can usually get the bread flour and the whole wheat as well for the same price.


For the quality of the KA products, I consider that a good price. They are an American company so I am supporting American workers as well. :)


Edited to add:


My local grocery stores often have it on sale for less than that. We have a BJs near us and they sell the unbleached white in 20 lb bags for $5.00. I personally don't like buying more than that at one time both for storage and freshness issues.

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Check out the Azure Buying Club. Now I don't know at what side (or middle) of the country you live but they do cover an amazing area with their truck deliveries.

All their items are organic.


:iagree: I buy my grain from Azure and grind it myself, but they do have flours too! And the cheapest I have seen. Also, have you tried some Kamut in your bread. You can buy it as a flour...I would use about 1c. in replacement of your regular flours for 2 loaves. YUMMY! And good for you!


Bummer is...my Dh just found out he has to live gluten free....and that my kids probably need too as well! I am so sad after having just started making bread!


Have fun!

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If you are wanting to try different types, call your health food stores. One local one sells all types of flour in bulk, the other doesn't. If you want to try just a cup or 2 for a new recipe, that is all you have to buy. If you like it, then they can order as large of a quantity as you want.

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I was going to ask the same question! I have been buying King Arthur from our local grocery store but would like to purchase in bulk. We have a health food store but the prices are higher. Any online resources? I think I'll check out Pleasant Hill Grain? Do they sell flour?


BJ's sells KAF (10# bags) general purpose cheaper than anywhere else... even than Walmart. It's the best deal I've found thus far. We have a place I could buy 25# bags from, and it is still more expensive per pound than BJ's.


I LOVE KAF. If I have to buy WW KAF flour, I'll buy it at Wal Mart

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