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Calvert Verticy or Writing Skills users - question


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Are you continuing with Verticy or do you not feel it adds much more then you using Writing Skills and Kidspiration on your own?

Yes. It does not go in order. It also keeps me very motivated and on task. I have very much liked the added instruction, extra planners, polishing points and integration with grammar. We will use it for a third year next year.


If you wouldn't be able to afford or would choose not to use Verticy, yet continue Writing Skills, would you add anything to the program?

Sorry, this would require too much thought for right now, and I need to start my day.


Do any of you use the ATS service with the Grammar/Composition supplement? How has that feedback been on the student's progress and suggestions?

I think you would be just fine without ATS. There have been a few useful comments, but you only send in 2 writing samples per 20 lessons.


Do any of you use the online resources available with Verticy?



Do you know what they use for reading comprehension?

Literature has comprehension questions. Lit selections are balanced against Reading A-Z/ Raz Kids. The Reading A-Z and Raz kids have various worksheets. Also, there is a Critical Thinking book. We don't use the phonics/ spelling, so I don't know if there is anything in there.

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