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Rod and Staff Math users, a question for you.

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My 2nd grader is getting ready to start the 3rd grade book which doesn't have a workbook to write in. Rewriting problems is going to be a huge huge huge jump for him and I'm wondering what creative solutions you might have come up with.




We opted to use the book like a workbook in 3rd and they just wrote in the book. This year for 4th they're doing the work on notebooks. But that would have been too much last year. :001_smile:

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I only have 1 dd in school, so I probably had more time than you. I would have dd write out as much as I thought she could handle. We did some orally, and I would write out the rest for her. I think I would usually write about 3/4 page of questions a day, and I would do it while she was doing something else such as reading or copywork.


Take care,


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OK, he'll write it in it then. Easy solution.


Yep. Easy solution. But, you might want to consider having him write out some of it. The physical process of writing the entire problems out when learning the basic facts of X and / will actually help him to learn them. Maybe if you were to have him write down whatever family he is working on at the time before he starts his lesson in the book?

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With the 3rd grade book, I had the spine cut off and just let my son use the pages as worksheets.


I can't remember if it's the 4th grade or 5th grade book that that becomes less of an option because the print becomes much smaller and there isn't enough workspace. I think with the 4th grade book, I actually copied the textbook and enlarged the pages and he used those as worksheets. It seems like it wasn't until we got to the 5th grade book that I realized that was no longer going to work and I began making worksheets for my son by hand. He's in R&S 6 and that's what I'm still doing. It sounds horribly cumbersome, but, surprisingly, it really only takes a few minutes.


Some kids may not have trouble copying the problems by 4th or 5th, but my son did and I didn't want him spending 2 hours a day on math. At first I worried because I felt he should be copying the problems, but then, when I thought about it, I realized many elementary math programs have workbooks at least through 6th grade, if not longer.



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