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I didn't think it would happen... I am proud of my dh and my son!!


At 4:30 my son brought out a page of math. 18 problems, some long division, some percents. He put the page next to him and climbed up on his knees, leaning across the table to mess with a puzzle that dh was sitting down messing with... Dh had a shining moment... He told our son to sit down and do his math! (that's big... dh hasn't always gotten involved with making the boys do something, but he's been trying more!)


Then son sat, frowning and wouldn't pick up his pencil. I tapped dh and we went into the other room. I said, "Okay, he knows what he is supposed to do and he wants attention. Don't give it to him. Just ignore the frowning and attitude." And for the most part, dh did. He made a few comments that I wouldn't have made, but that's okay...


So, son kept sitting, frowning, dropping his pencil... yelled out a couple of times, "This is STUPID!" "Why do I have to DO this?" "I HATE math!" Well, bless dh's heart. It's hard for him, he is a softy. So, he got up and took another son with him to head out to the boat and stop by his folks until dinner was ready. And son cried.


I thought he'd never do his math. He kept making mistakes... simple ones... He knew the material, just did not want to do it. I thought he'd sit there before and after dinner, until bedtime and still not have that page of math done!


I said a few times, "If you have a good attitude, I will give you some tips and help you with some of those..."


He ate dinner and still had more than half the page to do. He was still angry and giving mean looks. Then I said, "Have you forgotten that if you get your homework and chore done, you can play your video game for half an hour?"


Now we're talkin'! That was his language! He still didn't get finished until 7:50, but he finished!!


It felt like a huge victory. It felt like we were on a hill, flag planted... all over a math assignment! He was very happy going to sleep... I pointed out to him that when we accomplish things that are hard for us, we feel good about ourselves and that I was proud of him. He slept good.


Anyway... just sharing... Sometimes it's hard having a very difficult child.


Now, today I am on another hill... another son got angry with a sibling, falsely accusing him and said, "You didn't put my game away and that game is more valuable than you are!" Sigh. Now that son gets to do his brother's chores today and has lost his screen time... I hope it's not an ugly battle on this hill....

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Anyway... just sharing... Sometimes it's hard having a very difficult child.



Yay! :hurray: I hope the math battle continues to go well, and get easier! My ds is like that, too, with the trying to get attention over his bad mood and trying to make everyone else miserable because he doesn't want to do his work. It's very tiring some days, but also very satisfying when you finally do have a breakthrough!

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