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Need book recommendations for nutrition

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I am adding in some Bill Nye DVD's. I am tying into our discussion the food web also so I got Bill Nye's "Food Web" and "Digestion" DVD's from the library.


I have more books but so far we have been going over this book:


The Monster Health Book


We read through it once and are now rereading it in parts and having discussions. I printed some booklets on the Food Groups from the Enchanted Learning website and also a nice Food Group Pyramid and a chart to keep track of what my son eats. I then copy pasted images of different types of food that I googled and will be cutting those and using them for my son to play imaginary grocery shopping. What I will have him do is buy the amount of food he will need in a day in order to meet the nutritional requirements and I have also printed images to help him learn about making healthy choices (e.g. an oatmeal cookie vs. a chocolate chip cookie :D)


Probably more info than you asked for and less of what you did ask for but I am at least giving you a bump ;). I will go over the other books I will be using and post them for you if I find them useful to what you are doing. I am going into food safety and germs etc. also so I don't know if you are looking for something like that.

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I can't stand Janice Vancleave books. lol I also noticed that most nutrition books aimed to kids make no distinction between whole grains and refined things, etc.


I have a cookbook that I am going to go through with DD. It explains vitamins and minerals and where to find them. It is called Eat Well, Stay Well. I also got her this cookbook from Igloo. It is on paperbackswap.

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The Monster book I linked previously has been the best resource I have found so far that covers a lot of ground. They even mention the dangers of drugs, alcohol and smoking for kids. I have added that one on my list to buy. Adrian really liked it and it helped him see the importance of eating healthy more than hearing it from me and his dad :tongue_smilie:. The other books we are using are:


Bill Nye the Science Guy's Great Big Book of Tiny Germs


A True Book of Food Safety


I am using the above books and then after food safety I am tying in Safety in general and looking after one's self so the other three books I am using go in that direction and this is why I did not post them.


Here are a couple of links from the USDA where I got some of my downloads. I printed some stuff from a couple of other websites but cannot find them now. I will post them if I do.





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This food pyramid is supposed to be more up to date than most of them that we see:




I have used these. http://rainbowresource.com/search.php?sid=1296958478-11132


I don't know if they are still available anywhere else.

The link won't work for me! Can you give the names of the books?
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