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Settlers Histories games

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We've got Settlers of the Stone Age & Trails to Rails. Stone Age is really great--besides being fun, you can *see* the early history in a way that you can't if you just read about it. It facilitates conversations, etc. And on a fun scale, I'd say it's about equal to the original Settlers.


Trails to Rails...more than ever makes me wish there was a way to rent or borrow these expensive games. (It's less on Amazon than B&N.) It's fine, ds *loves* it, but...it's not my favorite.

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Thanks! Anyone use the Rome game?


We love the Rome game. It's different enough from the original game to make it worthwhile. You have foot armies, calvary armies, and have to "settle" (not sure whether that's the right word) in 5 different locations. Everybody gets resources and a chance to take actions on every move.

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