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Writing progarm for adults:

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I've never been a good writer. I understand the grammar, I know my parts of speech, etc. I had that drilled in to me till I graduated but I struggle to be clear and concise. I've wanted to start a blog about our homeschool but I'm having a hard time getting my ideas into complete thoughts and well written paragraphs. Does anybody know of a book, program or whatever that would help me?



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If I had time to work on my own writing I would just read books and try the assignments. Here are a few that I have read that I have liked. If it were me, because I have the basic gist of an essay in my mind, I might start with The Writer's Workshop or Writing Tools (maybe because that is the one I am currently reading and wish I could try the writing). If I had no idea where to start with an essay I might try The Lively Art first or maybe They Say/I Say and then The Lively Art. Never mind don't listen to me. I have no idea where to start! But the books below are all helpful.


They Say/I Say,


Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer by Roy Peter Clark . Short chapters with writing strategies but he suggestes 4-5 ways to practice them at the end of each strategy.


Writing to the Point


The Writers Workshop (imitation based)


Classical Rhetoric for the Modern Student Corbett

Rhetoric in the Classical Tradition by Horner


The New Oxford Guide to writing


I also like Lively Art of Writing that Martha mentioned.

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I'm working through Fred Lybrand's The Writing Course right now. There are links to his website and a forum in my signature.


I really like the book Write Like Hemingway and Writing Tools is also good. Both can usually be found at Borders and purchased with a 33% off coupon.

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