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Wii Dance Games.... Which One???? :)

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Hello Everyone,


I was hoping that maybe some people on here might have some opinions of the dance games that are out for the Wii. We are looking to get one very soon. I have already decided to get Just Dance Kids for my son and the childcare kids I keep, but I want to get another one for myself and fun nights when we have friends over.


I was looking at Just Dance, Just Dance 2 and The Michael Jackson Experience. All are rated wonderful by Amazon reviewers, but I would love to hear from others who have played them as well.


Which one is the best? I am leaning towards Just Dance 2 because of it having the most songs and more dance modes, however, I am not crazy about some of the songs. I guess we could just avoid those though.


Anyway, I think I would have a blast dancing. It would be fun and possibly good exercise. I like Wii Fit Plus, but it can get boring after a while.


I am looking forward to hearing any responses on these games. Everyone have a great day!!! :)

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We have both versions of Just Dance. Just Dance 2 is the better version but both will give you a workout.

I also have the Gold's Gym Dance Workout. This one was tricky for me in the beginning because it is based on latin dances and I am clueless in that arena but I do enjoy it now.

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We have Just Dance 2 and The Michael Jackson Experience. Just Dance 2 is really fun - just pick up the remote and go. MJ is fun as well but the technical difficulty on the dances is pretty high. I fancy myself a dancer and it's challenging for me. Both are good - the dancing games are the only Wii games I truly enjoy. I will play them by myself sometimes!:D

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