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Help: Motivation to study?

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Do you think the motivation to study is restorable? I feel that 6 month of public school ruined completely motivation to read, write or doing math for my 6 yo daughter.


She did not have luck with a good learning environment and good teacher, actually the teacher is my worst nightmare. The school is rich and white, my daughter is an immigrant and treated differently (poorly) as some other immigrants. For now she refuses to go to school, but also does not want to do anything at home.


At the days she go to school I am able to do some things after school with her, but the price is ALWAYS external-a small toy, candy, sticker. She would never grab a book to read on her own. I do praise my daughter's success, but it does not really work.


Until the end of the year is 4 months and I am scared. I have an option to take her away to private school that was not able to establish itself and be closed in 4 months, the environment there does not seem much better. Teachers are not very well motivated and kids are strange. Plus it expensive.


So, please, if you have any recommendation or idea share with me. I think this year literally become detrimental for my girl ;-(.

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Well, I'm not one to expect any 6yo to have a motivation to "study." Children are naturally curious and inquisitive. They don't really need motivation to want to learn. If she were my daughter, I would just let her play the year out. 6 is very, very young.


I would read aloud to her, do "living math" through cooking, sewing, crafts, etc., take her on nature walks, let her experiment with art media, and other hands-on activities. I would try to find out what interests her and then run with that. The main thing would be AVOIDING anything structured or workbooky or schooly. Just let her be at home in a relaxed, loving environment. Include her in your daily life (chores, meals, shopping, etc.) and wait until next fall to try anything that remotely resembles school. The key idea here is no pressure. She needs to just be a kid, imo.


I would not adopt a "school-at-home" mentality at all.


The book "Teenage Liberation Handbook" by Grace Llewellyn encourages parents of teens to allow their child(ren) a "decompression" period after coming home from public school. This is basically a time to just do absolutely nothing. I would think a 6yo could use a similar time period in order to just relax and regain some perspective after a bad ps experience.

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