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After PR if we're not going to use LR?


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My oldest is 5 and I'm starting to drool over PR :) We are already bilingual Spanish/English and are adding Portuguese as a non-native language. I'm not interested in continuing on to the Latin Road with the 2 years of high school Latin because of the 2 other romance languages.


I'm also really attracted to MCT because of the strength, beauty and fun. Are there any recs for after PR or would doing MCT afterward be a good sequence? If dd were in 5th or 6th when we finished PR would we go more quickly through the lower MCT levels?


TIA for the wonderful knowledge here!

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Not actually ever seeing MCT, but reading much about it here, I can say the finishing up PR will give your dc a SOLID foundation in language arts, so I suspect you will be able to zoom through MCT and pick up the benefits nicely b/c MCT assumes a general understanding of LA. The one thing that will be new in greater depth is the poetry. Sounds like a great plan....and I LOVE your romance language sequence.


I took a sememster of Portuguese in college - what a beautiful language. there's a group called Rita Lee from there who put out a Beatle's cover album that I still listen to regularly. Some of it's in English, other parts in Protuguese. I love, love, love, when she sings, "Poo poo amor." and "Meeeshell, my bell." You can really hear the French influence in her voice and pick up on some of the African influence in the music. Great stuff!

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