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Easy Classical Geography w/ History...Any reviews?


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One thing I can't figure out is on the Early Modern Times History Schedule, there is a globe in the Geography section to do mapping (suppose to purchase the outline maps separately) but I can't find how you are suppose to do it. There are no instructions in the Guide. I'm wondering if the instructions are in SOTW or VP Guide. Guess I need to get those to find out.

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I'm doing my own early American History, and was looking over Easy Classical's Geography with History.

It looks really thorough and fun. Has anyone used this? What grade was your child when you used it? Thoughts?



I am doing American History as well at the moment and the sample looks exactly along the lines to what we are working on so would be a wonderful fit. I wanna know too. :bigear:

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Will you guys chase me out of here with pitchforks and torches if I tell you how Easy Classical Science is going? I know it's not an exact answer to your question, but maybe I can give an insight into the overall feeling of their system? (I wouldn't bother answering if a ton of people had answered about the history thing, but now I feel like maybe my experience is better than nothing...)


We've been doing it about 3 weeks now with my two first graders. It's SUPER easy to use, very low maintenance and easily adaptable. You get a page or two of directions a week, but at the top of each lesson is a simple chart. The chart says "Read this passage, then this passage, then do this activity, then do this experiment." The rest of the two page directions are explanations, and perhaps further information on the experiment. Some of it you need to read, some of it you don't.


They have it broken out into K-3rd grade and 4-6. 4-6 looks to read the same things as K-3rd, plus some additional, and they're expected to do higher level of writing. In the science, the kids are expected to do one narration a week (they suggest which text to have them do it on) and then you do Log Book projects from an Evan Moore workbook. These have class discussion and activity pages in them. It looks like the history uses Evan Moore pocket chart and file folder activities, so I'm guessing they're the pretty similar.


So far, I would highly recommend Easy Classical Science, at least with kids the same ages as mine. What I think I love the most about it is the whole "how to use this curriculum" introduction was basically "Go read TWTM." It made me feel like I was getting something that was going to fall into our educational philosophy. It gives guidance and a map, but, like TWTM, lots of freedoms to adapt and grow.


Anywhoodle, hope that helps. If not, I'm sorry!

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